Tattoo Machine Discourse Vol.1

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Tattoo Machine Discourse by Shane Enholm - Volume 1


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"Shane started his love/hate relationship with the "art" of tattooing at age 12, putting on his first tattoo in a group home. Witnessing the birth of punk rock, seeing the Ramones at the Whiskey in LA in the late 1970s, growing up in nefarious circles on the streets, and prisons of America all contributed to the path that led him to where he is today. With a large body of published written work in periodicals, features in Penthouse magazine, and a well-received solo album released in 2018 titled "Divine American Pariah" he finally finished his most important work yet. Shane shares decades of manic collecting, obsessed research, and loving study of the American Tattoo Machine. This book may not be the "definitive" history on the tool that helps us get our job done daily, but it is the first and maybe the only one for a long time..."        - Patrick Kitzel

174 Pages with over 100 unseen tattoo machine pictures etc


Size 22,8 cm x 15,3 cm ( 8,98 inch x 6,02 inch)



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